Spring Bike Ride: Week Six

Alas, I cheated on my bike ride again this week. My husband is still recovering from some medical issues and can't ride his bike right now. So we went for a car ride and then took a little walk. 
Sorry the photos aren't very consistent. I was trying out some Hipstamatic lenses, thus the varying results in colorcast. Do you spot that fly fisherman in the bottom right of the middle left photo (was that description as clear as mud, as they say in the South?)? He had a pretty cool, super official-looking outfit. It was a beautiful walk, I love walking next to the rushing creek.And we went up in the mountains just a bit so the air was cooler. Lovely. 
Here's a photo of the sunset sky earlier in the week. UH-MAZING. Really, it was so stunning. The sun was setting behind the mountains so the bottom of the clouds lit up like they were on fire. 

If you want to see some of these photos throughout the week, check out my Instagram (@LemonJitters).


  1. My first trip out west I remember being amazed by how fast the water rushes. Here in the east rivers and creeks just meander along unless there's been really heavy rain.


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