Review: nrelate Related Content Plugin

I recently signed up to participate in a campaign to try out a related content plugin: nrleate. This plugin displays icons below each blog post that link the reader to other blog posts in your blog. I chose the 'Trendland' styling options for my icons and the font color automatically matched my blog! On my blog, the icons look like this: 

I've used other related content plugins before. I can easily saw that nrelate is amazing in comparison (and just plain amazing!). There are so many great features of nrelate. I'll detail a few for you.

1. Easy-breezy. I cannot stress how user-friendly this service is. You sign up, check some boxes and you are up and running in no time. I was really happy with the process. You can also see your changes almost instantly - I played around with how many icons to use at different sizes and I could see the results in seconds.
2. Free. Need I say more?
3. VERY customizable. You can choose the size, style and quantity of your icons. All in a few clicks. You also control the relevancy of the results (i.e. how closely the related posts match the post they are displayed with). Since I don't have years of blog posts built up, I chose low relevancy, which allows almost any blog post to show up as an icon. 
4. Advertising. You can select whether or not you want to include sponsored icons in your related posts results. You can choose how many sponsored icons you want to display. I haven't been using that feature for long, so I can't say if the ads are appropriately related to my blog content. I've heard from other users that they are pretty good. Also, you can display icons that link to your favorite blogs! I think that would be useful if you have blog sponsors...
5. Decreased bounce rate. Bounce rate is how quickly people leave your blog after they view the initial page that brought them to your blog. In the three weeks I've been using nrelate, my bounce rate dropped 3.38%, the average time a reader spent on my blog went up and the average number of pages a reader viewed went up. The bounce rate drop is most impressive because I've had trouble with that for awhile. Although the other changes weren't huge, I think I will start to see bigger results over time.

Overall, I am very pleased with nrelate. It's the best plugin I've ever used and it gives me more options than I thought to ask for!

Now I know all you bloggers want to sign up, right? Go here to learn more and here to install. 

I was compensated for this post as part of a campaign with The Blueprint Social and nrelate. All opinions in this post are 100% my own, I promise! 


  1. Love my nrelate plug-in. Popped over from the TBS FB post. Nice to meet you and now following.

  2. Carol! I literally just checked out your blog a few seconds ago and then saw your comment. Kismet? ;)

  3. Now using this! The related posts are much more relevant than LinkWithin. Plus customizable.. That's so awesome :D Thanks for sharing this!

  4. I've been using nRelate for a while, I prefer it to competitors because I think it shows posts that are more related. But yours is so much prettier than mine! Would you be willing to do a tutorial on how to pretty up your related posts? ; )


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