Paper Flower Bouquet: White

I am so excited to share this project with you guys! I cannot remember exactly how this collaboration came about. My blogger/photographer friend, Kristi McMurry, was looking for an all-white paper bouquet to use in her save-the-dates. I volunteered for the job and Kristi volunteered to send me some photos of the finished product in use.

This was a rather large undertaking because I've only played around with 3D flowers a little bit. So I practiced for awhile making different kinds of flowers. I mostly used cutting files from SVGCuts and my Cricut. Although I did make a few entirely by hand. Kristi wanted everything in white so I cut all the flower pieces, including petals, out of a light-weight white card stock. I used a thick floral wire for the stems and covered the wire/flower base with a white floral tape. I wrapped these all up and sent to Kristi. She arranged them in the vase for the photo. LOVE!

What do you think? Did all that work pay off? I must say, I'm really excited about how it turned out! I might show you guys more details of the process, if you are interested.

I'm happy for Kristi's upcoming wedding! Congrats. :)


  1. I think it's beautiful and am positive it took lots of time to make - worth it though!

  2. AHHH You are seriously the best. I can't believe how much time and energy you put into this for me. I am eternally grateful! I can't wait to post about it on my blog...I still need to photograph my save-the-dates for that :)

  3. This is absolutely STUNNING. Gorgeous work!


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