Feature: Supply Pusher

Today I want to introduce you to one of my favorite suppliers! Back when I made/sold jewelry, I loved purchasing my findings from Angie of Supply Pusher. After checking out her current stock, I want to make a purchase even though I'm not making jewelry anymore. She has some items that would be perfect for paper crafting embellishments (plus, I'm still a sucker for making jewelry for myself). Plus Angie is so kind and personable! Angie was nice enough to answer a few questions for us today.

1. What inspired you to start Supply Pusher?
There really was no “inspiration” to start Supply Pusher- I was simply looking to de-stash my overflowing supply closets. However, I quickly discovered how much I LOVE selling supplies and thought, “Why can’t I turn this into a business?” 
2. Best/worst aspects of running Supply Pusher?
The best part is definitely getting to purchase the supplies! I love browsing through supply catalogs and going to bead shows! Also, I really enjoy communicating with my customers and have met some really sweet people.

The worst part is dealing with the financial aspects of running a business, such as paying taxes and budgeting. Ick. 

3. Favorite type of craft? 
Jewelry making is definitely my favorite, but I also enjoy sewing. Like most serial crafters, I’ve tried nearly every art/craft, from needle point to decoupage to pottery. I can honestly say I’ve never met and art/craft I didn’t like. 

4. Are you smitten with any particular crafting supplies or tools right now?
Verdigris patina liquid is a constant staple of mine (there are several different formulas out there). I just love the color and texture of verdigris! Also, you never know what you’re going to get because playing with it under different conditions always presents slightly different results. (Editor's note: This finish is what enticed me to Supply Pusher in the first place!)
5. Okay, I'm pretty sure my readers are dying to know a few crucial things about you. Choose your responses carefully, as this could make or break our friendship.

Savory or sweet? Sweet
Kittens or puppies? Puppies
Quilt or comforter? Quilt- handmade of course.
Kettle corn or butter popcorn? Butter
Airplane or car? Car
Mountains or beach? Mountains

I told Angie I will forgive her for choosing puppies over kittens since she chose mountains over the beach. ;) Thanks for putting up with my questions, Angie! Now get to shopping, friends!