DIY: Mixed-Media Collage Card

Today's project was really fun! Plaid Crafts sent some new Mod Podge products to try out and I am definitely impressed. I started out making a more complicated out-of-the-box project but I've been itching to collage lately. Plus, collaging is Mod Podge's wheelhouse, right?
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Collaging is somewhat involved, even with a simple collage like this. But it's so much fun AND beginner-friendly.
Mod Podge Supplies: Antique Matte Mod Podge, Podgeables, Podgeable Papers, Stencils, Rub-Ons
Other Supplies: Two paint brushes, white cardstock, ribbon, string, colored cardstock, washable marker

Before we start, let me tell you about one of my fave Mod Podge products. See that hot pink background in all my photos? It's their new silicone craft mat and it's awesome. You can get glue all over it (you can already tell how much I've used it) and it just washes right off. So much better than ruining a workspace. 

Step 1: Apply a thick coat of Mod Podge Antique Matte to your Podgeables Paper. Step 2: Put your Podgeable shape on top, hold down for a minute and then wait for it to dry. (Sorry my photos are not in order here!) I tried several different shapes and settled on a big key - you'll see it further down.

Step 3: While that's drying, layer white card stock with a thick coat of Antique Matte Mod Podge. Step 4: Create a border by cutting thin strips of Podgeables Paper & sticking on the edges while your Mod Podge is still wet. 
Step 5: Tape your stencil down. Step 6: Using a very wet paintbrush, brush the tip of a washable (or cheap) marker, and then use that as watercolor paint in the stencil. I also flicked the end of the paintbrush to create splatters. Step 7: While that is drying, use your Mod Podge to adhere multiple strings from the back of your Podgeable key, through the hole to the front.

Step 8: Glue your Podgeable key down. Step 9: Punch two holes in the top right corner, pulled the strings through the holes, twisted together, Mod Podged the twist down to the paper, let the strings hand down. Step 10: Use Mod Podge's rub ons to apply the 'Explore' text. Step 11: Add a ribbon to the bottom.

You're done! I almost want to frame this. The only drawback using the Podgeable Papers - I liked some of them but none of them (the two paper packs I tried, anyway) were really my jam. So I like the end result but it definitely does not fit my usual decor.

Ok, here's the bonus mini project. The Podgeables are perfect making easy jewelry. Just follow steps 1-2 of the above tutorial and then glue your Podgeable shape onto a bobby pin, ring, barrette, etc.
Done! All of these new Mod Podge products are available at Michael's. They have even more awesome products that I will show you at some point. Plus stay tuned for a Mod Podge giveaway! You can find out more about MP products here:

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I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Plaid Crafts and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are 100% my own because I love my blog too much to not be honest!


  1. LOVE this. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Did I mention that I love it? Just making sure.

  2. Very cute ideas and creative I really like the hair pin.

  3. That card is really beautiful!! Thanks for the great ideas.

  4. The card is GORGEOUS!! And I never would have thought to use the Podgeables for a hair pin. Brilliant!

  5. Such a pretty card! I really love the colors. The hair pin is a great idea too! Nice job!

  6. So so pretty - wow! I love that card. And what a cute little bonus project!


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