Currently Crafting: Paper Flower

I'm obsessed with paper flowers these days. I made this one out of a coffee filter (three filters, actually). I love a big bloom in a little vase. Also, it is incredibly difficult to photograph a white flower on a white background. I'm not sure why I didn't change the background after the jillionth terrible photo.
Ah, well. Here are some of the photos that are good enough to give you an idea of the flower. This little cutie sits in our bathroom and remains undamaged by the steam. Not bad, little guy. Maybe I will do a a tutorial and take some better photos.


  1. How cute! You know I love the white on white pictures :) haha. I have seen coffee filter flowers, but I've never looked into making them. I like the idea of having a big one in a small vase!! It looks adorable.


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