Currently Crafting: Anniversary Booklet

I posted earlier that my one year anniversary with my husband was last weekend. It turned out to be a very eventful weekend which cumulated in a slight medical emergency for my husband (no worries, he's okay!). Overall, it's been an exhausting week but looking back at these photos makes me happy.
"So lucky to have you" - I know, you cynics out there are gagging. Sorry, I leave the cynical masses for a moment to be sappy. :) I kept the front cover simple even though I REALLY wanted to add lots of embellishments. I think my husband prefers simple, though.
I chose some of my fave pages to show you. The booklet included photos from the last year, random art pages and journaling pages. I used thick index card dividers for the covers - they are almost as thick as chipboard.

This booklet is not my best work, clearly. I accidentally punched the front cover holes incorrectly. I also tightened the binding rings too much and now the book doesn't flip as it should. Oops. My husband didn't seem to care, he liked it. If was for anyone else, I would have corrected everything. But I don't think he would have noticed if I didn't point it out. 

I had fun making this and now I want to make more!


  1. I LOVE this! Since I am not a member of the cynical masses I appreciated the detour into sappy :) I'd really like to consider making one of these for us, too.

  2. I just died and entered scrappy heaven! I LOVE the little bookie you did! I know I'd make it for my husband, and then steal it because I'd wanna show everyone. Dogs. Cats. doesn't matter. LOVE it.

  3. Love the booklet! What binding machine did you use/do you recommend?? I need to get one but there are so many from which to choose!


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