Weekend Recap: One Year Anni

Hello, all! I hope you had a lovely long weekend. Not only was it a long weekend for me but it was our (my husband and I) one year anniversary. It was a nice weekend. Just the right amount of laziness balanced with productivity.
Photo 1: Auntie Anne's Pretzels. Heaven in a bag of sugar, I tell ya. I super love AA's cinnamon sugar pretzel bites. We don't have one in our town but we were a couple of towns over and I try to make it a priority to pick up some AAs when I'm there.

Photo 2: Started three movies with my husband on Saturday. We couldn't agree/decide on any of those. Finally watched Drive on Sunday. Um, I just thought it was about a guy that did awesome get-away driving. No, it's about killing people as many ways as you can in a 1.5 hour movie. 

Photo 3: We didn't get gifts for each other but I made the husby a little booklet documenting some things from our first year. I'll show more photos later this week.

Photo 4: We tried to take the bus downtown for a festival but it was a total bust. The bus was like 25 minutes late. We just kept walking once we realized it was a little late but at every bus stop, it never showed. It finally passed us after we decided to abandon our plan and walk to a nearby mall for lunch and call it a day. So I got a pretty view of the creek on our walk. 

Please excuse the terrible photos on top. I just downloaded the Hipstamatic app and I'm trying to get the hang of it. And you can see more photos of things I'm doing (especially crafty things and pics of my cat :) ) over at Instagram.


  1. First off, happy 1 year anniversary!

    Secondly, I also got totally tricked by Drive. It was not at all what I expected (which was just some casual views of Ryan driving fast cars)! I was so grossed out by it, but now, unfortunately, it's one of my husband's favorite movies, causing multiple viewings - eek!


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