Tools & Technique: Cuttlebug Embossing

There are different types of embossing. The Cuttlebug does dry embossing. I have the Cuttlebug and I love it. It adds such a sweet and professional touch to your paper crafts. However, I will say - you have to be really into scrapbooking, card-making or gifting to get your use out of this machine. 

I've chosen some of my favorite examples of simple embossing that you can do with the Cuttlebug.

Embossed Kraft Tags by The Moonglade Garden
Condolences card by Danielle Flanders

Plus, here are a couple of my personal examples of embossing: here and here.


  1. well you just make it look so easy! those are beautiful :) i begged for a cuttlebug two christmases ago and my mom even bought one and had it shipped to me! but i didn't end up loving the techniques...maybe because i don't make cards? i certainly don't get the use out of it that i would like! i enjoyed using it for a bit of die cutting but that ruined the plates a bit.

    i feel guilty though as it's just sitting there - time to put it on craigslist!

  2. those are beautiful, I have few embossers from before the cbug cam out. I must pull them out again!


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