Spring Bike Ride: Week 5

I kinda cheated this week. These photos are actually from a walk, not a bike ride. But there are some lovely flowers/gardens in nearby neighborhoods and I've been wanting to take photos. It's just not practical to stop for every flower when you are biking. But walking is perfect for literally stopping to smell the roses. This first spidery purple flower was my fave. Anyone know what it is?
There are some really distinct color palettes in our neighborhood. Basically all of the flowers were in the purple/pink family or the white family. I'm sure there is a scientific reason for that...
I wish I could have gotten closer to those white flowers in the bottom right. They had big yellow centers and were really pretty. But I would have been all up in someone's flower bed and I don't think that is a very neighborly thing to do.

You know what's strange about the vegetation around here? There is a lot of super lush vegetation but mixed in with that are these desert-like areas. There are literally cacti right next to big flowering bushes. And look at all of those rocks in that last photo. Regardless, it is all really pretty.


  1. I am obsessed with flowers this year! I rarely pass a pretty one without whipping out my iPhone and taking a picture. Love your photos. : )

  2. Beautiful! I want to stick my head in these flowers and smell. Just smell. I won't have to worry because I'm not their neighbor.

  3. Just popped over from Dearest Nature, & love this little blog series! What a good idea.

    And the flowers you mentioned not wanting to crawl through someone's yard over, I think they might be peonies.. The very same kind I've been pining over for a couple of years now. They make me think of cartoons, and who wouldn't love that in their garden? :)


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