Spring Bike Ride: Week 4

It's week four of my Spring bike rides. It was cold and overcast most of this week. It felt great (a little chilly) on our ride/walk but it doesn't make for the best photos. I like overcast weather, though. It is so peaceful. We biked to this trail and then walked a bit and I felt SO relaxed. I attribute that to the weather.
 I think this little seating area by the stream would be a fun picnic stop.
We (that's my husband in the top pic) also went on a hike this weekend. A short hike that was pretty steep. I feel like it was a good workout. I also feel worn out and like I could go to sleep hours earlier than usual. It was overcast and humid (rare for this area!) today. So the colors were not as vibrant as usual. A huge fog hung really low. You can see more photos from my bike rides and this hike on my Instagram.


  1. Still looks very beautiful to me!! So awesome you & your hubs are getting exercise AND enjoying nature together, bonding tim + fitness is on our "start again" list when my GRE is over. Over in Phx it's pretty much sunny all the time so I'm like you on preferring slight overcast... I should prob move haha.


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