Review: Scotch Greener Masking Tape

If you caught yesterday's post on how to make flowers out of coffee filters and cupcake wrappers, then you saw that I used a new tape to make them. Awhile back, I wrote about how much I like ScotchBlue™  Painter's Tape. So 3M sent over Scotch's Greener Masking Tape so I could give it a whirl.

*Above images from Scotch, edited by me.

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I must be honest, I was a little sad the 'greener' tape isn't green. I was really hoping for a mint green (a girl can dream, right?). But I realize that may be a tall order when the tape is made from 56% renewable resources! Cool, huh? These tapes are "made with paper from sustainably managed forests and regenerating latex harvested from rubber trees". You had me at 'rubber trees', Scotch. Haha! 

There are two greener tapes - one for performance painting and one for basic painting. I do use ScotchBlue™  for painting but I use it much more frequently for various craft projects. I tried both tapes when crafting paper flowers this past weekend. Here's what I thought about the tapes:

-The basic painting tape is a little too strong of an adhesive (it's rated 'high' adhesion) for most of my standard crafting. It was slightly difficult to use with paper due to the sticky factor. But that is not what this tape was made for anyway. I have big plans for this tape. I need a tape that will hold up some light-weight props at a baby shower. The trick is - I need it to peel off without harming the surface underneath. I practiced peeling this tape off of my wooden desk and it worked beautifully.

- The performance tape has a medium-high adhesion, which felt more familiar and was easier to work with. It worked well with my paper crafting. It is also really wide so I frequently tore it in half length-wise, which means I can get a lot of use from this roll. I can't wait to use this with my Cricut mat. If you have a personal cutting machine, you know you sometimes need to tape your paper down to the mat. I always use ScotchBlue for that but I want to see how this tape compares to ScotchBlue in that particular area. I'll update you guys on that later!

All in all, I liked the performance tape for crafting and would recommend it. I would hold off on the basic painting tape unless you have a heavy duty project (oh, I don't know, something like painting, maybe? ;) ). I can't say these tapes will replace my trusty ScotchBlue™ . I just like ScotchBlue™  so much (and the bright color is awesome!). But I am glad to have a stronger removable adhesive in my craft arsenal - I know I will be using it a lot! I love 3M products. In my experience, they are all top-notch in quality.

If you guys try these tapes, let me know how you used them and what you thought!

*3M sent the tape shown above for me to review but all opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine!


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