DIY: Quote Gift Jar

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I found a map image over at Graphics Fairy, which provided the background. I played around with a bit and came up with this image. You are welcome to use the image for your projects (please link back to this blog!). It's about 3.5inx2.5in. Graphics Fairy recently did a label/jar DIY that made me want to do my own.

Print the image onto label paper, cut it out, ink the edges and stick it on your jar.
I recommend you Mod Podge your label prior to sticking it on the jar (avoids bubbles).
At some point, paint your lid to match. If you can use spray paint, I highly recommend that. Unfortunately it was night time and I had to do this inside. I didn't want to paint a second coat, so I sponged the paint on. I was happy with the result. Then I added a 2in sticker circle to the top (which fit perfectly - yay!). I also added a tiny doily and twine.
Although Mod Podge sealed in the color (so it looks really nice and vibrant), I was also having lighting issues. I really need to build a light box for night-time crafting. Not having natural light is hard to work with. Anyway, the point is, I brightened the light source for some of these photos so the colors look pretty vibrant and true to life.
This is the gift basket that I put the jar in. I didn't even realize everything was in the same color palette until I put it all together! Happy accident because I love a gift basket with a color theme. The other theme in this basket is 'organic'. My co-worker only eats organic, healthy stuff so I made a trip to Whole Foods (Target's selection is thin). Although - she likes Extra gum so I skipped getting organic gum (ew).

*Thanks to a kind reader for pointing out that I spelled Gandhi incorrectly. I've corrected it on the image for you guys to use. Thanks, reader!


  1. It's a really cute jar and I love your blog, but just wanted to point out that the quote is by Gandhi, not Ghandi.

  2. what a beautiful graphic, great job! This is def on my to-do list as well now. we always keep old sauce jars because they're so useful and silly to just toss (yes recycle but u know it's not THAT great...) anyway of course we end up w/ a cabinet full so this is perfect, thanks for sharing! tot know what u mean too w/ lighting, I would make posts on dinners all the time if the pictures didnt always look all yellow & creepy.

  3. Oh I love this! Very nicely done!


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