DIY: Mini Tassel Garland

Check out this easy and inexpensive project after the jump!

Make sure you get the cone coffee filters. This is important. You most definitely will not get the same effect with basket coffee filters.
1. Trim any weird edges. 2. Fold in half. 3. Cut strips, leaving about 1/2 inch at the top. 3. Unfold.
4. Look at how pretty it is already. ;) 5. Begin rolling your filter from one side, pinching at the top. Roll the 'ugly' side first, so you hide that seam. 6. After it's all rolled up, pinch the top and tie on to your yarn. Now you can fluff your tassel if you'd like.
That's it! So easy, huh? And really cute. You should probably find a good show on Hulu and see how many you can make in one episode. 
I was really happy to put these filters to good use since my husband no longer uses this kind. Free project! I plan to use these at a baby shower this month.