DIY: Cupcake Toppers

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I recently saw these awesome DIY food picks over at Studio DIY and was inspired. What if I could make similar ones out of cupcake liners? I never use cupcake liners so I had a bunch lying around.
Supplies: cupcake wrappers, sucker sticks, water, a container, cooling rack
After submerging your cupcake wrappers for awhile, put them out on your cooling rack to dry.
I guess you could do this without soaking the wrappers but I think it helps a lot. It makes the wrappers pliable and relaxes the sharp creases. And you can add food coloring to the water.
Step 1: Take two wrappers and place together.
Step 2: Quarter-fold the wrappers.
Step 3: Cut down the side-fold. You should now have two pieces again. 
4. Keep your two pieces together. 
Steps 5 & 6: Cut multiple slits in the wide angle side.
Steps 7 & 8: Start wrapping your wrappers around the sucker stick or a toothpick.
You could tape them down but I wrapped yarn around it to add another color.
Voila! The darkest aqua one was dyed with food coloring. And because the liners are round, you get a natural splayed-out effect. I like it. You could also make swizzle sticks with this technique. I can't wait to use them at the baby shower - I'll post photos when I do.


  1. it so beutiful .i like it so much

  2. absolutely adore these! great tutorial, girl :)
    xo TJ

  3. These look great, love the colors + love this variation on the food picks!!


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