Adopted: Marrah

My husband and I adopted a cat in February. Her name is Marrah. He has never had a cat and I've never had an inside pet. It's, more downs than ups. But I love her so much. It's really crazy how attached I am. I used to scoff at co-workers that showed me pictures of their pets (inwardly scoff, of course ;)). But I am totally one of those people now. Sorry, co-workers.
We don't know her history before she came to the shelter. She is 3 yrs old and was at the shelter about two months before we adopted her. She is crazy cute (light tan color) so I'm not sure how no one got her before we did. Anyway, she has attachment/trust issues. I don't know what happened to her before (and I don't like to think about it). But she does not like to be held or picked up. She immediately hides if we enter the room. She is getting better about it because we just keep showering her with affection. But sometimes it is frustrating. I had visions of a constant snuggling companion. That was the main reason I wanted a cat.  Still, I love every little moment she gives me (sleeping next to me at night, eating a treat out of my hand).

She has been sick the past month. And let me tell you - it's not fun. And it's stinky. I have cleaned up more than my share of ick. And I feed her twice a day! And clean her litter every day. You'd think she would show more appreciation. ;)
All she does - ALL DAY- is sleep or sit on my laptop. Or combine the two and sleep on my laptop.
She used to watch tv during the day. I would come home at lunch, turn it off and it would be back on after work. But apparently she can't turn the tv on by herself with our new setup. 

So that's my little Mar-bar. (That's her nickname). If you want to see more of Marrah, follow me on Instagram.
Tell me about your pets! I am so into hearing about pets now. ;)


  1. So, Katie, your heart´s been stolen by a lady cat??? Would you like another one??????????????My cat is gonna be mother in any day, as for the doctor, today, or tomorrow, but when I look at her, even though she is getting a bigger tummy every minute, she doesn´t feel anxious or unconfortable, I think she will have her babies maybe tuesday.I have been making her a lovely nest, you can see it in my blog, and take a look at the mother and think about maybe sharing life whith a very pretty british kitten???????(just a joke!)
    XOXO Olga♥
    El tocador de Cenicienta

  2. She's so cute! Eventually she'll warm up and you will find out if she's a cuddler. I'm sure things will get better in time. More ups!

    I have four dogs. Only ONE cuddles! But I suppose it's better than having too many cuddle babies trying to get your attention haha.

  3. My husband and I adopted a kitten from the shelter about a year ago who also has trust issues. I had dreamed of having the snuggliest kitten and I got the complete opposite. No being picked up for this guy!! We found it worked better when we got down on the floor to pet him and snuggled him on his own terms rather than picking him up to our level. It was hard for me at first, but it really works!! Maybe it will work for your kitty too!!

  4. Be patient! My husband and I have two adopted cats and we are currently a temporary home for a dog. Just be patient, not all cats like to be picked up. It took around 6 months for our first cat not to run hide under the couch when we came in the house. Try hiding cat toys around your house.

  5. we have three kitties and two are lap kitties, one is not. BUT i find if i have a soft, baby blanket on my lap, the all like to cuddle! she will come around if you keep giving her your consistent love. awesome that you adopted too!!!

  6. glad you linked here in your etsy blog post- congrats on that btw that is super cool!! I'd missed this post and had actually been wondering where your kitty came from. she is beautiful and of course i lvoe that she's adopted as well. she was prob there awhile because people go for the kittens.


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