Spring Bike Ride

There are so many trails here in Boulder, CO. The options are almost endless. My husband I have ridden our bikes/walked/hiked a few. This weekend, we stumbled on a little piece of heaven near our house. I went back today by myself and took some photos along the way. It is by far my favorite trail and winds by and through my new favorite neighborhoods. 
Parts of it remind me of Louisiana. But with much better weather and vegetation. :) And I didn't get any photos of the Louisiana part. The plants were not exciting, hah!
And can someone give me a million dollars?  That would pay a big chunk of what houses cost around here. That or win the lottery. ;)


  1. I want to jump into your pictures. Seriously. Those tulips are awesome and I want to roll around in that grass!

  2. This is so incredible it makes me want to move to boulder this instant! all those beautiful flowers and even an adorable little bridge. so glad to hear you're enjoying it w/ lots of bike rides/hikes!


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