Spring Bike Ride: Week 2

This weekend, we took the same trail that we rode last week but went a lot further. It was amazing! I just can't get enough of this trail. It's crazy that we are just now discovering it and it is so close to our apartment.
I love riding next to water. Or walking next to water. Or sitting by or being on water. It is so soothing.
That's my husband up there. :) He's so cute. And that's me. Sitting on an awesome log, next to a creek with mountains in the background. Is this really my life?!


  1. your hubs reminds me EXACTLY of mine in that pic! a big beard, a silly sweet pose/smile and especially, wearing his helmet even when not biking. oh they'd be pals for sure haha! & my goodness you sure are lucky to have this so near! Are you guys on the city outskirts or is Boulder just awesome like this? Love the field pic & you look so cute too!

  2. haha - I didn't think about him having his helmet on. I had mine on and he asked if I wanted to take it off for the pic. This is literally on the bike trail. So you just step off the trail and snap a pic.

    So, this creek runs through Boulder (from the mountains). So there is a huge part of the creek that is downtown. It's super cool down there too. We live on the opposite end of town from the mountains. However, Boulder has this thing called 'open space' where they bought all the land surrounding Boulder in order to preserve it. It can't be developed. It's awesome but it def drives the housing prices up. So there is this kind of space all around Boulder.

  3. OH I never knew that about Boulder, def pros & cons but amazing a creek runs through the city! & as long as you two don't start walking into stores w/ your helmets on haha! Jonny does that all the time and I almost accidentally did the other day but noticed when walking up.

  4. After a few years in the very flat Netherlands, I yearn for mountains! Thank you for this lovely peek. (:


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