Send Something Good 2012

Hey guys! I'm participating in a package exchange called Send Something Good. 
One of you readers out there in blogland was assigned my name. So here's a bit about me and my tastes to help you along. :) So fun! And I've been loving reading about the blogger I was assigned and scheming gift ideas!
These products are all from my wishlist on Pinterest. Pinterest is a pretty good way to figure out my style. 

(btw, the listing says this is 'white' so I think the aqua color in the photo is a distortion. bummer!)

So it's no secret that I'm a fan of that color palette, huh? (Even though it's not really trendy anymore!) But I also love color in general! And quirky. I like quirky.

Things about me:
1. I love, love craft supplies! Cute or practical, I like it all.
2. I have an insatiable sweet tooth.
3. I like non-exhausting outdoor activities like short hikes & picnics.
4. I have very curly hair - always looking for ways to tame it.
5. I like the current neon trend.
6. My husband (Mark) and I recently adopted a cat. I spend many hours trying to get the cat (Marrah) to like me and snuggle with me. Alas, she refuses to give me endless affection.
7. I like patterns.
8. I do not like olives, mushrooms, sports, pineapple, the red & black combo or most animals.
9. Did I mention I love craft supplies?
10. I can't get enough of things that hold things (totes, purses, containers, organizers).

So, that's me! 


  1. I can't believe I didn't think of making a collage. :P Duh! haha! LOVE yours!

  2. HAHAHA - that cat thing is friggin hilarious.

    Glad you're participating in Send Something Good! Talk to you soon!

  3. That is a cute glass carton! I've never seen anything like that but I like it! :-)
    I dont do sports either. haha In HS I tried out for bowling as a joke, but then i made the team. haha so that was my sport.
    Love those colors too

  4. I am totally on board with the neon trend!


  5. I laughed so hard over that kitten ice cube tray that I cried. And promptly asked for it. I won't judge you for not liking Red and Black (NCSU colors) if you promise not to be a Tarheel fan ;)

    New follower! Thanks for the inspirational blog and thanks to Send Something Good for bringing us all together :)


  6. I HEART those Earrings sooo much!!!

  7. Oh goodness, I'm dying over how cute that cat ice cube tray is! My roommate and I just adopted a cat back in Feb. and we love him! :)

  8. Katie I love your ... loves :)

    And, I think you and I would wreck a craft store if we were ever in one together ;) I could spend a DAY and maybe live in one ... if I didn't have kids.

  9. what a crazy cat, get a new one! ok just kidding obviously but ah that would make me pretty sad. I actually went to visit my mom housesitting just to pet the sweet cats because I'm having cat withdrawls. So do you like patterns like sewing or just things w/ patterns on them? And aaah mushrooms... you're missin out! And... I usually hate black and red together too, but oddly enough LOVE black & white w/ red accents (which coincidentally I wore today : ). Anyway sorry for the novel, it was fun to learn a bit more about you!

  10. Dusana, I like patterns like colors & shapes. Good question! And yes, the cat with trust issues makes me sad. But I keep trying. We need a cat therapist. :) Also, I saw your recent post about black/white/red and I was like, "huh, I actually like that!" Haha!


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