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Currently Crafting: Redeem This Ticket

Some of my coworkers and I were plotting a surprise activity to boost office morale. 
One of them had the brilliant idea to do a 'bake sale' (really, a bake giveaway). So I created these tickets that we will hang on everyone's computers the night before we bring the treats. And the next day, they can stop by our office ("the screening room") to claim their treat. Cool, huh?
I hope it livens up the office a bit. It's been a tad busy/crazy/overwhelming lately. For a lot of workers. My team hasn't been as overwhelmed (thank goodness!). 


KristiMcMurry April 18, 2012 at 9:08 AM  

What a neat idea! We do fun little activities around the office occasionally, but I've never thought about making tickets.

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