Pen Pal Surprises

Woohoo! My sweet blogger friend, Alison, of The Petit Cadeau, sent me these goodies  (and others). We did a little exchange - I sent her some crafty bits and she sent me some. It was really fun. I definitely encourage you guys to do this - it's an inexpensive way to brighten each others' days.
So - does anyone want to do a little exchange with me? Let me know - I'm totally up for it!
How cute are those flags and tags?


  1. me me me me me!!! I haunt Michael's all the time, but since 99% of my friends are guys and the ones who are girls are super tomboy/uninterested in crafts....I always have the forever alone face.

    It'd be AWESOME to have someone to send stuff to! Not that I'd complain about getting stuff either. :D

  2. Ya, I would like to do it. I think it would be fun!

  3. I'm totally up for a fun exchange... I have a few fun things in mind to send!

  4. Definitely up for a swap :) Have you heard about Kaitlyn's "send something good" project? I'm participating in that, too.

  5. your blog is real cute and cheerful!!


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