Guest Posting: Paper Flowers

Hi there, blog friends. Today I'm guest posting over at Just Something I Made, a fabulous crafting blog.
Want to see how simple these flowers are? Pop on over!
The notebook paper one is my fave.
Inline image 10
These are very spring-time, though!


  1. I suspect you and I would be instant creative friends. Your comment in the previous post about not scrabpooking but following scrapbooking sites for inspiration, making cards are "right up your ally" and the previous post showing lip gloss….I could have- and probably have- written EXACTLY the same types of comments. I shall be checking you out daily- for one I can't wait to see your friends wedding flowers- and two I think you will be inspiring to me. I have a hard time expressing this without sound like a big snob but my crafting skills are pretty advanced and I find blog after blog- and Pinterest boards- showing crafts which are very simple, beginner projects and while I respect that lots of people love to read these blog and makes these projects, I need inspiration from creative types who are challenging to me. Maybe you will enjoy my blog- if you want to check it out Let me know what you think and please post the flower pics soon. I cannot wait.

  2. Hi Katie,
    I was just reading your post over at JSIM, and I was wondering what cartridge you're using for the wedding flowers? I'm also getting married next year, and I have a big idea to make all paper bouquets - but I don't know what cart will serve me best!

  3. Aww, what a nice comment , Danee! I am sure we would be friends. :) I find that most people enjoy beginner crafts but I hope to mix it up enough that seasoned crafters can enjoy this blog too.


    I am actually not using a cartridge for the wedding flowers. I have Sure Cuts a Lot (before Provo Craft sued them, the new versions are no longer compatible with! :( ). So I use SVG files to cut with. I found some really great 3D flower SVGs on

  4. Good looking flower i very much wonder to see it.
    it's made in paper.Thanks a lot for creating such type of creativity thinking.


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