Tools & Technique: Paper Crimping

I use the Uchida Paper Crimper (link below) and I really like it. It will crimp up to 8.5inches wide (most crimpers are smaller) so I can send an entire letter size sheet through. Honestly though, I haven't needed that much width yet. And a paper crimper is not usually a tool you use everyday (but it's so cool to have!). So...I leave it to you to decide which brand/size you want to purchase. Both the crimpers I listed are known to be good products.

The Technique: Cupcake Card / Gift Bag Paper / Bird House

Here are some links to get you started with a paper crimper.


  1. Hi, I love all your craft-tool round ups! you know a bunch about photography and such. Do you have any suggestions on where to get 120 film developed? Its a weird question so if you don't know thats ok :).

  2. Hey Awesomeartist, thanks for commenting! Unfortunately, I don't know much about photography so I don't know where to direct you. But good luck! :)


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