Principles & Elements of Design by John Lovett

I've had this great article bookmarked for awhile now. 
Artist John Lovett gives a brief overview of the principles and elements of design.
He includes charming drawings to illustrate the points (some of which you see below). 

I think it is really important that any visual artist/crafter read up on the basic tenets of design. 
I definitely need a major refresher and I'm sure you'll see improvements on the blog as a result. 
Design influences so many aspects of our life and I think a little knowledge goes a long way.
John also has lots of  free art classes (i.e. step-by-step tutorials) that are very thorough!
You can see some of his beautiful work on his blog.
I am just eating up his work, it's so beautiful. He really knows what he is doing. 
It proves that you need to know the basics and practice them to produce great work.
I plan to do an Inspiration feature with some of his images next week - so be on the look out!