Inspiration: Poppy & Pinecone

A reader (and fellow blogger!), Kaitlyn, suggested I take a look at Poppy & Pinecone's work. I so love watercolor. Poppy & Pinecone's Etsy shop offers the theme of loving places like states, countries, continents, provinces...the world.

I moved from Louisiana to Colorado last summer. Unfortunately, Poppy & Pinecone doesn't offer the Colorado image in any other color palettes. I wish there was a green and blue version, to match the scenery here. Anyway, I think these images are so sweet! Especially the world map. 

*Update. Hi, guys! A kind reader brought it to my attention that there is controversy regarding Poppy & Pinecones' work. It seems quite a few people believe that P&P's work plagarizes the work of popular artist, Katie Daisy. Katie does amazing work - I'm a big fan. I haven't found any articles or posts discussing this issue so I cannot formulate an opinion yet. I think they both have lovely work and I don't know the specifics of the issue. Just a heads up for you guys - I want to be fair to both artists.


  1. Lovely! Regarding your update; you can't copyright a painting technique, so they really haven't done anything wrong per se... but if P&P has indeed ripped off the "idea" and/or made close copies of Katie's original work, well, not giving credit for the idea from the original artist is just plain shoddy.

    Have a great day! :)

  2. Do you have an Oklahoma map?


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