Inspiration: Nick Iluzada

Lovelies from Nick Iluzada today. Nick just graduated from MICA in 2011! And he is already prolific. Seriously. You should see the amount of work he has. Visit his site, blog, and Flickr for more. 
It makes me wonder what I've done with all my time? 
I love that Nick posts his sketchbooks and not just finished, paid-for pieces. Some of the sketchbook image are my favorites! As you can see below.
It is so hard to choose between color and neutrals. I mean - I love Nick's use of color, most especially in that image on the right with different people. That color palette makes me happy (as does the cactus image). BUT. I also love the simple black and white pencil illustration! And the arm tied in a knot. Something about that style is so nostalgic - reminiscent of the days of the most basic printing blocks. Before we all had printers in our homes. So I can never decide. 
Do you have a preference?