Inspiration: John Lovett

Oh gosh, I LOVE the watercolor work by John Lovett. That rooster. The fish. The pig. 
It's such a fresh approach to a classic medium. 
Look at the vibrancy in these colorful pieces. Wow. The colors in the lemon image?
Perfect. So, so pretty.
John Lovett is a master. We can learn a lot from him. See my post last week about John's explanation of the principles and elements of design. Check out his blog and website.


  1. ah gosh, I wish I could work with water colors the way he does, these are so amazing. thanks for sharing. became a new follower the other day yay!!!


  2. i'm currently obsessed with modern watercolourists - check out cate parr, jessica durrant, agnes-cecile, and poppy & pinecone

    kaitlyn (fellow dearest nature contributor)


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