Inspiration: Gingham

Today's inspiration is a resurging trend - gingham. 
Gingham has typically been a very traditional country fabric. 
I definitely had blue and white gingham curtains when I was a kid. And of course, there is the classic red and white gingham picnic tablecloth. Oh! Do you guys remember wearing smocked gingham dresses when you were little? But there is a new spin on gingham these days- paper gingham instead of fabric. I'm definitely liking where this is heading. Because it means gingham craft and office supplies!
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Aren't these gingham craft supplies awesome? I'm really into #5 - the gingham bags. 
Click on the numbers above to learn more & purchase these great supplies.

What's your opinion on bringing gingham back?
Side note - don't look at the word 'gingham' for too long or it starts to seem really weird.


  1. Love gingham - it always looks like spring to me. And yes, I had a smocked gingham dress too!

  2. I love gingham...will be making some easter decoration from gingham soon.

  3. I love gingham. In fact when I was in college I put together a 'zine called Gingham. It's classic.


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