Doodling: Roosters & Patterns

 So I recently shared that I'm trying to learn how to doodle better. See my first post about my attempt at an elephant. Today I attempted a rooster. Know what I'm happiest with? The speech bubble.
So I added a bit of color to spice it up.
I feel like I'm getting better...maybe? 
Thanks for your encouragement and suggestion after my last post - it kept me trying!


  1. this is really good! I was so happy to hear about your little project...because I kind of have the same problem I've been following along with you and doodling a little more each week...and you're right a little practice and I have gradually gotten a tad better...not as good as yours...but better!!! Baby steps!!! I love this rooster!!! Way to GO!!!

  2. So cute! I am loving your blog :)

  3. I liked it in black & white but LOVE it w/ color!! it looks as if you'd been doing this for a long time, what talent!!


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