Doodling: Elephants & Patterns

 If you follow this blog, you may know my love for illustration. I sooo wish I could draw. I can't even doodle! It's true. I traced this elephant outline and then tried to fill it in with patterns. That's been my thing lately - try to learn patterns. But my elephant looks sickly. 
There are some good moments happening - I like the ears. And that one leg with triangles. And the loops on his back. But that's about it. And those aren't even awesome. I thought maybe filling it in with color would help.
Ehh....Now I really like the scales on his head. And his trunk is okay. And I the colors solidify my love for the triangle. But man - the other areas are awful. I do like this color palette, though...

Help! Do you have any resources that could bump my drawing skills up to the level of a fifth grader?

If anyone labels this, "Craft Fail" and puts it on Pinterest, I will hunt you down. 
JK, you guys! Feel free to pin my fail. :)


  1. I too love doodling, but feel so inept at it! Your elephant it so cute- I should try that method. I thought I would share this post I saw recently I think on CraftGawker about Zen Doodling and Tangle Patterns. I am anxious to try it myself!

    Happy doodling!

  2. no way, dude! your ellie is super cute. at first glance i thought this was a post on a new illustrator you liked.

  3. hahahaha your worst problem is your lack of confidence. Seriously! I'd not say so otherwise. You'll start seeing results when you relax and don't let your feelings get in the way of the actual process. Any art you make should be totally about you and what you're thinking/feeling, and nothing else, or it probably won't be your best effort.

    It's kind of the difference between exercising to lose weight and dancing, and not even thinking about the calories you're burning. Your creativity circuits run low and your pen/brush/mouse/tablet hand gets wobbly.

    As someone who illustrates I should really be giving you more solid advice and resources and all of that,, that's how painters are. LOL. (I'm using that as an excuse, ahem)

    I love your elephant! And NO he doesn't look sickly, but that part had me cracking up.

    One of my elementary school teachers was drawing a stick figure and a shadow to represent how to tell time with the sun and your shadow, and her "shadow" stick figure looked ridiculous. One of the students said, "It looks like a stick person standing on top of a dead dog" and I swear, I never laughed so much in my LIFE. Luckily, the teacher laughed too.

    Mostly unrelated, but still hilarious.

  4. Hi,

    Your elephant looks great. I can't do an elephant. It did come to my mind to trace the outline from a kiddo's coloring book. Hey.. may just fill the coloring pages with doodles...that will be something interesting...

  5. I totally love doodling but I do it at the wrong time... like meetings or when someone is telling me an emotional story. Eee, I get bored. Your doodle looks like a patchwork elephant. It's cute.

  6. aw i tihnk it turned out SO cute!! what a great idea, i might try this! i love to doodle patterns and shapes and stuff, this is a great idea i love it!! and i agree i LOVE the triangle section! i think the whole thing looks great!

  7. Just stick a tail on him. Actually, he's cute either way! Kaye F.

  8. hehe you're def being too critical i think this one looks great as well!! love the diff patterns u put, a very creative touch i sure wouldnt have thought of!

  9. you inspire me!!! thanks for sharing your doodles. i realize you just have to START somewhere!

  10. Thanks for all of the encouraging comments! And the story, Patricia! ;)

    Hannah Love - that's EXACTLY it. Just start!

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