DIY: Wishlist Markers

Awhile back, I was browsing an Anthropologie magazine and as usual, marking things I liked. I do this and then leave it out, hoping my husband will think to pick it up and spontaneously buy me a gift. Notsomuch. That hasn't happened yet. 
So I got the idea to make these wishlist markers. See the steps after the jump.

It's that easy. After trimming your tape, cut your shape.
Make a set of them as a gift and put them on wax paper for reuse.
I thought this would be a cute gift - a giftcard, wishlist markers, and a catalog from the same store as the giftcard. That's more fun than just a giftcard, right? 


  1. Cute and Simple!
    love it

  2. You're so creative! I love the idea of doing this with a giftcard. Makes it a little more personal :)


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