DIY & Technique: Card-Making

Today we work on a super simple but very effective card-making technique. 
How cute is that ribbon, right? It gives the card a 'finished' look. 
See the how-to and other ideas after jump!

I think it's best to have three elements to work with. A back piece and two shapes. You don't have to have the third shape but it adds a nice dimension. And it doesn't matter what shapes you use - see the three different ideas below. 

Another tip - use an adhesive tape runner, especially on your ribbon. It is so easy and gives a clean, polished look to the card. (Another reason the card looks polished - rounded corners).

And tip #3, bias tape or undergarment tape works really well for this project. That's what I used instead of ribbon - vintage bias and undergarment tape. I found a bag of several (I mean, lots and lots) of different colors at a thrift store a few years ago. I have used this beautiful ribbon/tape so much!
So easy, huh? If you've been a long-time crafter, I'm sure this was nothing new to you. Maybe a refresher or reminder to use this technique. But if you are new to crafting, now you have a new technique to keep in your back pocket!


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