DIY Roundup: Book Covers

To be honest, recovering books to coordinate on your shelf seems a little frivolous. BUT. It's so pretty! And so many of the crafts I make are frivolous anyway. Because unnecessary crafting is fun. 
See how the justification works out? :) So, if I ever get the patience, I might cover a shelf of books. 
Aren't these DIY book covers great inspiration?
Click the number of an image to check it out.
1 (plus more ideas!) / 2 / 3 / 45 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9
Actually, #4 and #7 aren't DIY - you can purchase those. Plus a lot of other cool ones - check it out!


  1. Really wonderful list. Also, I love how #1 is a very precise basic tutorial. Tons of ideas in this post! I love roundups.

  2. I like number 5. Very nice, yet simple.

  3. thanks for including me on your list - i am loving checking out the others too! it totally did take awhile, but the result is worth it. your blog is BEAUTIFUL, by the way! i'll be back for sure. :)


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