DIY & Printable: Luggage Tags

Today I bring you another collaboration with Patricia of Two Homes For One Heart.
Check out our first collab here.
So Patricia had this great idea to make luggage tags. 
She has the painting skills, I have the photoshop skills - so voila! 
Today we bring you a super simple DIY project.
Just print out these two luggage tags with the cutest hedgehog ever (thanks, Patricia!). 
Cut them out and slip them in plastic name tag holders. 
You can get standard name tag holders at any big box store or office supply store or craft store....
I used string to tie mine on to a suitcase. I think this would hold up but I'm sure you can think of something else to use if you don't have string. (Rubber band? paper clip? hair band? ribbon?).
And that's it. So simple but really cute and unique. 
Also, I left room for you to trim the images down if your name tag holder is smaller than mine.
And if you don't need luggage tags - these make cute notecards too!


  1. This is such a good idea! Just found your blog today, and so glad I did :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. *gasp* hedgehogs are my absolutely fave!!! This is gorgeous!!

  3. Nice badges. Thanks for sharing such great post. Again another informative post. plastic name badges

  4. It's a gorgeous idea, and I am definitely going to pimp u my luggage with something like that .... I am alway, never knowing why, missing my unexpectedly huge bag ;)


    BTW Your ideas are ... "edible" :) love them

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