DIY Inspiration: Gifting a Candle

Today's project is so simple it can't really be called a DIY. But I wanted to show you how to use a paper crimper. 
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 Here are the supplies I used to dress up a plain candle.
Using a paper crimper is so easy! You just feed a piece of paper in the top of your paper crimper and twist the handle on the side. Out comes beautifully crimped paper. The lighter weight the paper, the softer the folds. If you use cardstock, the pleats will be crisp. The paper I used for this project was very light, as you can see by the softness of the folds. 
This such an easy way to dress up a plain pillar candle! I think it really makes the candle look nice and professional. I purchased an inexpensive candle at an outlet store and gave it a soft, feminine touch with fabric, paper, washi tape and string. So easy.
This candle was part of a thank-you gift for a co-worker that helped me get my new job. I made a basket of 'little luxuries.' A fun mug, nice teas, chocolate, face mask, fancy hand sanitizer, bath salts and body butter. It made up a nice size basket for about $20. Feel free to steal this idea as a thank-you for someone in your life! Especially someone that needs to spend a little time relaxing and taking care of him/herself.


  1. I´m sure, your co-worker will be delighted to see how much you think in her/him while you made the selection of goodies.
    Is a really cute gesture of appreciation from you, and a lovely DIY as always.Thanks!♥

  2. Katie, I love your blog. You are AMAZING. XOXOX


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