Reader Love

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to share some love for and from my readers?

Look at this lovely example of my Hair Comb DIY.
Great color palettes, Sarah
Also, let's all take note of Sarah's awesome simple and cute gift wrap for these combs.
For beginner crafters, a quick break down. 
1) Recycle a piece of cardboard and cut down to size (slightly bigger than the size of your comb) 2) tape a piece of twine/strong string down on the back 3) wrap around and tape again to the back 4) slide your comb on the 'clothesline' and done!
Thanks for the idea, Sarah!

And check out El Tocador de Cenicienta's version of the hair comb.
She used yarn and look at that awesome 'stitching' row that she added at the bottom!
Looks great.
Have you done one of my DIY projects? We would love to see photos!


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