Inspiration: Dadu Shin

Oh, I am in love with the texture of this work. Artist Dadu Shin has an amazing way with layers and seamlessly fading colors and shapes into each other. Browsing his Tumblr archive is a treat for the eyes.  Would it be appropriate to say that I ache with jealousy? (Geez, that sounds intense, doesn't it?) 
But really, I so wish I had this kind of talent.

I particularly love the snippet you see above- of mountains and trees. The entire design is beautiful. It's called "Inside or Outside" and you can see it here. And you can purchase it here (very reasonable prices!). 
Check Dadu Shin out on his blog, Twitter, or buy prints [or buy prints for me ;)].  
I also think it's really cool that he posts images from his sketchbooks. I recommend reading his blog to get the story behind the illustrations.


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