Inspiration: C.S.N.

Beautiful work by Christopher Silas Neal. 
A little bit of intricacy, expert use of color, smart design and a dash of unexpectedness.
I chose some of my favorites in particular color palettes.
Of course, he uses a much wider range of color in his work. And you might want to read about his process here - it's so cool to read about the different steps this artist goes through to achieve a final result.
Ok, for real. Gimme those tacos and hot dogs. I love those pieces!
Be sure to check out Christopher's blog. And say hi on Twitter


  1. oh god, the one with the girl on the horse <3
    I almost died.

  2. I had that guy as my teacher once. He was such a pretentious artist. If your work didn't turn out like his, then it wasn't good. It was in Illustration class in which we all wanted to spend our lives doing illustration, and his first words to us? Illustration is easy. I'm not saying that his work doesn't have some merit, but he should definitely stick to his own work instead of teaching.


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