DIY & Printable: V-Day Love

Today is exciting! Today's DIY project is a collaboration with Patricia from Two Homes One Heart. Patricia can draw and paint. I cannot. But I can pixelate. ;) So Patricia painted the images that you see in this post and I played with them in Photoshop.

This first image is a small, cheesy Valentine's Day card for you to give to best friend who has always wanted to go to Paris. Or to your romantic partner. I think either would be pleased with the level of sweetness and cheese that is present in this card. ;) Click the image & it will download.
 As if I the last Valentine wasn't cheesy enough, I amped it up with this next one. But how could I not? Those birds are the cutest thing to happen to me today. I seriously love them. Good job, Patricia!
I made this one the size of a business card so you can slip it in your loved one's wallet, next to the credit card. Because he/she is sure to see it there, right? 
Click the image to download. Here they are printed out. I used a fancy corner rounder on the first card.
I need a new printer. Look how grainy that second card is. Also, it's hard to take nice photos in the winter. It looks like I have a flash on but I don't. Le sigh. Anyway, I love how these look printed! Valentine's Day is a good day to express my cheeseball side.

To check out more of Patricia's work, visit her Facebook. It was super fun doing this collaboration! And we have more coming soon, so stay tuned! Also, I love what Patricia says about creating art:
Isn't that beautiful? So go check out her writing over at her blog!


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