DIY: Office Copyholder

Today's DIY project is practical, recycled and cute. I MEAN. What more can you want in a DIY? ;)
My day job is taking calls of abuse/neglect and writing up reports. I do other things but that's the gist of it. I've developed a fairly efficient system but I found myself hunched over looking at my call notes while typing the reports. Handmade copyholder to the rescue!
Did you guys even know these things were called copyholders?
 I googled 'office desk easel' to find out the official name. So now we all know. 
Supplies: cardboard, tape, writing utensil, exacto knife/scissors
Step 1: Trace an outline of an 8.5x11 piece of paper. 
I used a shoebox top (from tall boots, great size for this project! My boots were made by Blowfish and their boxes are really sturdy.) so I positioned the cuts so the box lip would form a tray when finished. If you aren't using a shoebox, just bend the end piece of your cardboard to serve as a tray (one inch should be good). Also, excuse the cereal box - I wasn't sure which cardboard to use at first.
Step 2: Cut out your square.
Step 3: Cut a strip of cardboard out and bend one end to form a one inch fold. 
This is your easel back. Again, I was able to use the box lip for this.
Step 4: Measure where you want your easel back to stand so that it properly hold up your paper.
Step 5: Mark the spot where the top of your easel will be. 
Remember that one inch fold you made in Step 3? That fold goes on your mark.
Step 6: Tape that fold down from the underside and the topside.
You could stop there but you know I can't help myself. 
Plain cardboard? Please. I brought out the washi tape and painter's tape and made a pattern. 
Then I secured my stripes to the back of the copyholder by taping all around the edges of the back. 
And I added a very cute sticker from one of my fave Etsy shops, Whimsy Whimsical.
And you're done!


  1. Really easy and useful project. I can visualize it close to my computer!Also decorated in pink and some hearts or flowers maybe,hummm, I´ll report when it´s done!♥

  2. wonderful DIY project! I love how functional this is.

  3. Super cute tutorial! I totally am making one of these for work :)

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  4. i have that same liptons tea tin that i hold incense sticks in. i can't wait to start the eight different projects i just bookmarked from your blog. thanks, lady!!


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