Coming Soon: Dearest Nature

Guess what? My blogger friend, Donaville, of Discover Paper, is launching a new site soon! The project is called Dearest Nature and it's all about nature-inspired things. It will cover tons of topics relating to nature, which I am sure will appeal to a wide audience. 
It won't be just for those who love gardening, I promise (cause I have a seriously black thumb!).
I will be a contributer to Dearest Nature (squee!). Stay tuned next month to see my first post! You are going to love this site because Donaville has a beautiful aesthetic and eye for great design.


  1. marry me? you're the best for spreading the word about what's clearly going to be amazing b/c ... hello, you're involved :) can't wait for all the fun to begin ... coding is meh right now, but fun will ensue!


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