Printable: 2012 Calendar

Tis a new year, my friends. I believe this will be the year I become a grown-up. Because I'm 25 now. That's basically adulthood. Sigh.
Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to be grown-up? Like, "I can't wait to eat ice cream at midnight!" And then you realized that midnight ice cream gives you gifts - it's called rumbly tummy and 2 lbs. And suddenly life turned cold and gray. Who can take the joy out of ice cream?! Adulthood, that's who.And now I have depressed all my dear readers. Ha! Truth is, there are actually quite a few nice things about being a grown-up. :)

I created this calendar in Photoshop, using the sources listed below.
I used the 'clipping' technique to do the blocked overlay with the flower.
I encourage you to look you tube some tutorials on the clipping technique if you are just starting out in photoshop - it's super handy and awesome. And leave any questions you have about it in the comments!
Click the calendar to save or print.


  1. Beautiful job w/ the calendar! So funny to me that you mention ice cream because that is so me also- one birthday all I really really wanted was to eat it for breakfast... which of course didn't end as exciting as it sounded at first thought... sigh. adulthood it is! Hope you had great New Year's celebrations though & a year full of excitement, productivity, and the proper amount of rest : )

  2. Thanks, Dusana! I guess we have to accept adulthood, huh? It's tough...Sure did love being a college student.

  3. I love that calendar. Thank you so much for sharing it--what software do you use if I may??

    And my adult life is WAY better than my child life, but better isn't always easier. Still sometimes I do sneak out for some midnight treats. In fact, more often than I should, haha!

  4. Thanks, Patricia! I use Photoshop. But prior to that (since PS is so $$$ - I used a free software called GIMP).

    And adult life has it's perks! I don't miss childhood actually. But sometimes I miss those young adult college days.

  5. Beautiful. Thanks

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