Organization Tip: Paper

I love organized things. You wouldn't know it looking at my craft room...
But I really love organizational tools. Especially when things are organized by color. 
So I'm ridiculously excited over my new bin.

I got this file storage bin from Target, on sale. Here's the link.
Super cute leaf pattern on the inside. 
So the idea is to use a file folder storage bin to separate and store your 8.5x11 cardstock. 
File it by color. And I added a file for 'specialty' papers. It makes is sooo easy to find the color you are looking for or be inspired by colors that are usually hidden in the bottom of the pile. I love it and am way too excited about it. ;) It doesn't hurt that it's a pretty color, has a cool patterned inside and a hidden drawer at the top.

So, how do you organize your paper?


  1. I wish I had that much paper...if I did, I would definitely organize it like that! How about you just send me yours? ok? sounds good.


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