Inspiration: Daniel Fishel

Maybe you can tell how much I admire illustrators. One of my favorite types of art. 
Today we take a look at another great illustrator, Daniel Fishel.
He has a sort of carefree, colorful style. His lines aren't exact, his color palettes are great, his shading has depth and there is movement in his work. Overall, I would characterize his pieces as 'alive.' 
These darker color palettes at the bottom are my very faves. Especially the female silhouette. Love that piece. The imperfection, you guys! The background peeking through the brush strokes! Love.
You can see more of Daniel's work here.
And follow him on Twitter here.
And shop his work here and here.


  1. Oh man, when I first saw this, I thought it was "Danielle," and I was like, "OOooh - what's she gonna say about Topanga?!" lol


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