Doodles: Hearts

If you are a long-time blog reader, you may know that I have zero natural talent when it comes to illustrating. I mean, I can't make it happen. My little sister doesn't even try and these realistic masterpieces flow from her pen. Ugh. So I have been watching illustration tutorials on youtube to better my skills. I still can't draw on my own but I can follow a tutorial and get usable results. If I had three wishes, being an awesome illustrator would probably be on the list (next to world peace, of course).
So I was just doodling today and realized that my hearts are just okay. Isn't that sad? I can barely draw a heart. Such is life. Somehow I've managed to live despite this handicap. :)


  1. It's funny how different people can be different kinds of 'artsy.' For example I can draw really well but I can't do ANYTHING crafty. Like when people put cute stuff together in a scrapbook-y way? Can't do. It's like a handicap.

    So I know how you feel!! Even if it's over a different thing. I can draw a cute picture for a card, but I can't MAKE the card, if you know what I mean. lol.

  2. The one great thing about illustration is that there are hardly any rules. Illustration is actually my FT gig and I do love it. There is room for every type of drawing style!

    xo - Brandi

    PS - I am your newest follower!


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