DIY Faves

I always, always  have a list of awesome DIY projects that I want to try. I will never be able to try them all. Since the advent of Pinterest, I've been collecting my fave projects there. If you want to see more of my pins, come visit and follow!
I mean, really this is just a smidge of the amazing projects out there.
Some I pin just for pure awesomeness, some I pin to actually try in the near future, and others because they sparked an idea for something else. Out of these, I really want to make the paper mache tray and the striped cardigan. But of course, the hex nut bracelet, floral pillow and jewelry holder are great.


  1. Don't you just LOVE pinterest - you can find anything there and it is so fun. I am completely addicted. I am pretty sure I am already following you there but I will check - just in case.

    Have a super Monday!

  2. Hey, Love your blog, there are so many thing on here I want to make, I was just wondering if you could possibly send me an invite for Pinterest, I am too impatiet to wait on the waiting list to be invited.

    Don't worry if not
    Lauren (


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