DIY: Fabric Favor Topper

Favor toppers are one of my favorite crafts. They are fairly easy and quick, so cute and an easy way to dress up a simple gift. I've made a lot of paper toppers but I decided to try out fabric this time. AND I decided to try stamping on fabric. 
Supplies: inkpad, stamp, fabric, favor bag
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I used a quilting square (a piece of precut fabric). But it was slightly too large and unfortunately I don't have pinking shears to make the cute edges. But I was able to keep the most important edge - the one in the front! Cut to size, stamp and embellish. It's that easy!
Such a thing as fabric ink pads exist. And fabric paint. Those won't wash out of fabric - they will retain a nice, vibrant quality. However, I don't have fabric ink and this will never be washed so the staying power doesn't matter. But if you ever want to stamp a tote or clothing - get a fabric ink pad.

I used a dye ink pad instead of a pigment ink pad...I'll explain more about that next week. Stay tuned!


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