DIY: Co-Worker Gift

not pictured (2 buttons)
You can use any craft punch - a heart punch would be so cute! I used two different sized hole punches. 
I used the small punch to make a hole in my lid (so the string would be a tight fit).

Tie your button tightly. Triple knot it close to the note.
Tie your other button on the outside of the lid. Again, tightly.
Tip1: Try to find containers that do not have tight lids. Maybe a film canister? 
I used bead storage containers and they are made to fit very tightly. 
So I had to loosen the lid to get the confetti to pop correctly.

And there you have it! Office party in a tiny container. 
Suggestions for note:
-Lunch on me-
-Homemade dinner-
-Drinks after work-
-1 hour of filing-


  1. Super fun - love it and great shots! I am shooting my first DIY this week and am a bit nervous. Hopefully the photos will turn out well because once you are done - you did it ;-)

    Happy Tuesday - Brandi

  2. Great DYI, I have to tray it ASAP, the result is awesome and it doesn’t seem so hard to do, thank you for the idea! You have a lovely blog and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!
    Also make sure to enter my 100$ giftcard giveaway to spend at Shopbop.

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic


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