Craft Tools: The Basics

Since I started doing DIYs and tutorials on the blog, I've noticed that there are a lot of beginner crafters out there. (duh, don't know why I didn't think of that before). So this year, you will find weekly posts covering crafting topics like tools, supplies, and techniques. I hope this gives beginners a strong foundation and refreshes the scene for us old crafters.
In writing this post, I looked around my craft room to find the craft tools I use most. Now, there are many more tools that I use but they aren't beginner tools. So today I'm just covering the basic tools you will need. They fall into two categories - cutting & adhesive. 
Cutting Tools
1. Fabric Scissors: I use Fiskar's Multi-Purpose, nothing fancy but good quality. The trick here is to only cut fabric, ribbon, yarn, etc with these. Do not cut paper with them, they will dull very quickly.
2. Paper Scissors: For a beginner crafter, I don't think the brand of scissors matters much. I linked to a good Fiskar's pair. Just make sure you only use them to cut paper!
3. Tag Punch: A tip I have learned over time - don't skimp on your craft punches. If you get a cheapy craft punch, it will just mean headaches and frustration later. This brand will cut through cardstock like it's butter and it won't wear out after thousands of punches. I'm a fan. 
*4. 2 in Circle Punch: I cannot sing enough praises of a 2 inch circle punch. As you may have noticed, I like the lever style punches. They seem to last longer, are more precise and easier to use. Apparently I'm a Fiskar's fan, too. ;) I recommend other sizes of punches, which I will discuss later, but start with 2in.
*5. 1/16in Hole Punch: This hole punch give a professional look to your projects. A regular hole punch makes most projects look elementary. This small hole will not be noticeable, but will still allow you to thread ribbon, etc. That way the focus is on your work, not on a big, distracting hole.
*6. Corner Rounder: GET THIS. Seriously, you need a corner rounder. It also gives you a professional finish. I have a Fiskar's one, which works well. I recommend 1/2in. You won't ever feel the same way about a sharp corner after you get one of these!
*1. Mod Podge Matte: Mod Podge is your best friend. Seriously - it's amazing and has many functions. I don't want to see you use a Roseart glue stick ever again! Mod Podge has a jillion awesome versions. But start with this one. We'll cover the other options later. 
2. Xyron Tape Runner: Goodbye, mess! Xyron makes excellent adhesives. And they make life easier.
3. Scotch Transparent Tape: You probably already have this. It's inexpensive and effective.
4. Scotch Blue Painter's Tape: Don't skimp on painter's tape! Get Scotch. Keep a roll handy and you will find it has uses you never would have thought of. I use it a lot for stenciling & glittering.
5. Mini Glue Gun: I'm not too picky about glue guns. This is an inexpensive, high temp version. I think you can do most projects with a mini like this. Especially if you have Mod Podge, my first choice.

I have *starred my recommendations for absolute necessities. Of course, I have all of these and use them often. But if you want to start with the very basics, go with the starred options.


  1. Great list! I really need a corner rounder! Off to check if I have all of these!

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Love it - this link is blowing up on my Pinterest right now!

  3. SO interesting that you wrote this!! I actually have a post coming up in the next few weeks that shares my basic essentials for gift wrapping! Stay tuned!

  4. What brand is your tag punch? I've been looking for one but have gotten mixed reviews on many different brands....

  5. wow, this is great. Im fairly new and have most all of this but i plan on sharing with a few friends that are "baby newbies".

  6. I remember when I started collecting the supplies I need (just a mere 8 months ago) I felt overwhelmed when watching youtube videos cause there would always be another basic supply that I just need to get. I still feel overwhelmed a bit 'cause there's so much I need (in terms of paper supply, punches, dies, stamps, etc.) that I don't own. I don't feel that a tag punch or corner rounder belong in the 'basics' category; not sure if this a for crafts in general or paper crafts, but I'd suggest good quality cardstock in solids (white, black, kraft, etc.) and a paper trimmer is essential to cutting straight lines.


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