Work In Progress: Favor Toppers

I recently designed a friend's wedding invite. I'm now designing and making her favor toppers.
Her favors are going to be Mexican Wedding Cookies, my all time fave. FAVE, you guys. I love these cookies she makes. She's made them for me a couple of times and I basically just hoard them (read: no sharing) in a baggie next to my bed. Literally. Like a crack addict. If I have a bad dream, I can just roll over in the middle of the night and grab a cookie. All better. 
So I'm making the toppers for the favor bags containing my favorite cookie.
It took me forever to figure out how to print them on my regular printer and then cut them out correctly with my Cricut. This pile of prototypes doesn't even do the process justice. And I actually measured things, that never happens. Now I just have a few adjustments to make (i.e. correct her blog name) and I can get started.

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